Maintenance Department
Elizabethton Housing & Development Agency
The EHDA has an excellent Maintenance Department.  They respond to
service calls in a timely manner.  In addition to routine maintenance, the EHDA
continues to improve its apartments through modernizations.

The Maintenance Department of the EHDA works diligently to ensure that the
units and grounds maintain their high quality. Work orders are listed in four
different categories, according to priority.
Work orders may be turned in during office hours by telephone (423) 543-3571 ext
301.  You may also visit the office and turn them in.  When the office is closed, you
may turn in urgent or emergency work orders by paging 1-888-905-1901.
The agency is responsible for all repairs that are caused by normal wear and
tear.  Residents are responsible for the cost of all repairs to their units that
are due to neglect or abuse caused by themselves, household members
and/or their guests.

When you are leaving a work order on voice mail, do not forget to leave your
name, phone number, unit address and a good, clear description of the

Richard’s tip for the month involves the furniture trailer.
The furniture trailer is located in the parking lot across the
street from the office. It is for our residents only. It is
clearly marked and no garbage, tv’s or trash are allowed in
the trailer. We have had a problem with people putting
these items in the furniture only trailer and nonresidents
putting stuff in the trailer. Please remember the furniture
trailer is for furniture only and for EHDA residents only. The
furniture trailer is monitored by hidden cameras and we will
prosecute violators for illegal dumping.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Meet Your Maintenance Staff