Meet you public housing staff
Meet your Public Housing Staff
Elizabethton Housing & Development Agency
Taylor Richardson is our
Susan Booher is the Public
Housing Manager and is
responsible for managing the
public housing department.  
She began working at EHDA in
1983 as a secretary and then
moved to the Section 8
department and is now in the
Public Housing Department.
She has been with EHDA for
31 years.  Her favorite part of
her job is working with the
people and the community.
Brittany Shoun is the Resident
Services Manager.
Genna Price is the Housing
Inspector for EHDA.  She has
been with the agency for 7
years.  She worked in the
accounting department as an
accounting assistant for 2 years
before becoming the housing
inspector.  She is married with
two children; Justin and
Jason.  What she loves most
about her job is when she
interacts with the residents and
community and they make her
feel welcome and part of their
own family.
Kelly Geagley is the Executive
Director/Administrator for
EHDA and has been employed
with the agency for 20 years.
Kelly has the privilege of
working with the employees,
commissioners and residents
that assist in making the
community better.  His favorite
part about his job is his desire
for everyone to have a positive
image of the EHDA
community. In addition, he
enjoys working with people and
being a
part of a team
helping people
obtain housing.

Brenda Townsend is our
Occupancy Specialist.
Helen Mathes is the Accounts
Clerk/Cashier for EHDA.
Mary Nidiffer is our Resident
Services Worker.