Section 8 Program
Elizabethton Housing & Development Agency
The Section 8 Voucher Program provides the opportunity for eligible singles,
families and elderly to relocate or remain in privately owned homes and receive
rental assistance payments.

Owners of mobile homes, apartments or single unit dwellings may rent directly to
low income families.  Units must pass a housing quality inspection performed by
standards (established by HUD). At present, there are approximately 183 landlords
participating in our Housing Choice Voucher Program with 203 vouchers.

Families receiving rental assistance pay rent of an amount not to exceed thirty
percent (30%) of their adjusted gross annual income, or twenty five dollars
($25.00), whichever is greater.  Rental assistance also includes an established
utility allowance based on bedroom size, tenant payment and what the individual
landlord provides.

In addition to the Housing Choice Voucher Program, the EHDA has 142
moderately rehabilitated (Mod Rehab) units in Elizabethton, Carter County and
Johnson County.  The major difference in the Voucher and Mod Rehab programs
are that Mod Rehab units are under a 15 year contract with private owners and
the units are designated at a specific site.  Once a tenant is placed in one of these
units, they must remain there unless there is a change in family composition or
medical requirements.  There are currently 10 owners holding a Mod Rehab
contract with the voucher mod-rehab.  Therefore, when an applicant signs up for
Section 8, they decide which waiting list to be put on.  Offers are made to
applicants depending on what becomes available in either program.  The waiting
list is based on the time and date of the application.
Applicants MUST apply in person.
Section 8 Pre-Application
Meet your Section 8 Staff
Income Guidelines

Applications are taken on a first-come, first serve basis.  Once you arrive at the
Administration Office, please sign-in on the

Everyone 18 years of age or older must be present during the application process
to complete the necessary forms.  Please have all of the information listed below
for each person in the household with you when you apply.





1.  Employment:
 Two to four paycheck stubs, consecutively dated, including
the         name and address of the employer.
2.  Unemployment:  A printout from unemployment office stating payment
date            and amounts; or your PIN number.
3.  Odd jobs:  Notarized statements, affidavits or income tax returns signed by
the        applicant describing self-employment and amount of income or income
from tips       and other gratuities.
4.  Child support:  A divorce decree stating the amount and payment
schedule;          or the case ID number.
5.  TANF:  A printout from DHS stating the dates and payment amounts.
6.  Pension:  A printout from the Agency paying the benefit.
7.  Social Security/SSI:  A letter from the Social Security Administration.
8.  Bank Accounts:  At least two bank statements that indicate the current
balance      and interest paid to date (whether it is a checking, savings, CD etc.)
9.  Property (land and/or structure):  Last statement from property tax
assessor       office; or bank foreclosure information.

Applications are accepted on Thursdays
7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. & 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
for both Section 8 Housing Choice
Voucher and the Mod-Rehab Programs.

Applicants MUST apply in person.