About Us
Elizabethton Housing & Development Agency
The EHDA is a federal government subsidized, non-profit corporation governed
by Federal and State law under the directions of the United States Department
of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  A cooperation Agreement with the
City of Elizabethton establishes a governing body existing of five Commissioners
appointed by the Mayor to serve a five year term.  Six (6) Executive Directors
have served the EHDA through the years.!!

The EHDA provides structurally sound, safe housing to low and moderate
income families through the Public Housing, Section Eight Voucher and Section
Eight Moderate Rehab programs.

The EHDA staff consists of twenty-two hard working, dedicated employees;
fifteen full time and four part time.  Along with three seasonal grounds
maintenance laborers.!!!
Board of Commissioners

Mr. Tom Banks
Mr. Danny Blevins
Mr. Dale Shook
Resident Commissioner;
Ms. Bertha Davis
Mr. Larry Gobble
Mr. Stan Bailey
The Board of Commissioners is composed of five citizens appointed by the Mayor
to serve five year terms.  The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  
The Annual Meeting is held in December and included the election of officers for
the coming year.

The EHDA Commissioners develop policy to monitor and establish controls by
approving Agency bylaws, resolutions, policies and procedures.  The
commissioners are responsible for selecting a qualified Executive Director.

The EHDA is also represented by Mr. Tom Banks as the agency's Attorney.