Monthly Announcements
Elizabethton Housing & Development Agency



I know it is hard to believe with this crazy weather we are having but the first day of
Spring was March 20th. I love the Spring time of year because of the warmer weather
and it seems like everything comes alive. The flowers and trees start blooming and
people start getting outside. Some people think a big snow is the prettiest thing to see. I
beg to differ when Spring and all of its beauty arrive. I hope you will change with the
seasons too. It is a good time to spring. Put some spring in your life. Get outside and
see how beautiful everything is becoming. Look at all the different colors and enjoy the
warmth. I hope the change in weather brings you joy and warmth.

Please remember to pay your May rent and
other charges promptly in
May. If your rent and
other charges are not paid in full on or before:
4:30 p.m.  
Wednesday, May 9, 2018
A late charge of $7.50 will be added to your
account and you will receive a Notice of Lease
If you pay before the late charge date each
month, you will save $90.00 per year.  Also,
you will be entered in the drawing each month
for the $25.00 rent credit for paying promptly.

Heather Huffman
Her account will be credited with
$25.00.  Congratulations for being
this month’s winner! Anyone who pays
their rent on time is eligible for the
monthly drawings.  Remember to pay
your rent before the seventh working
day of the month to be eligible.

Coffee & Donuts with the
Director/Neighborhood Watch:
The next coffee & donuts with the Executive
Director will be
Wednesday, May 9, 2018
at 10:00 a.m. in the EHDA Community
Room.  Our on duty substation officer will
also be on hand to discuss problems or
concerns in our neighborhood.  You may also
call to schedule a time for a visit from the
Executive Director.  Resident visits are done
every Wednesday, excluding the second
Wednesday each month.
Lawn of the Month
Willie Harris
Congratulations on being chosen
as our “Lawn of the Month."

This month's Resident of the Month is:

Linda Wilcox
She was nominated for picking up trash.
If you would like to nominate someone
for resident of the month please contact
Brittany or Mary at 543-3571 ext 308.

Our next Neighborhood Watch Meeting
will be on
Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at
10:00 a.m., in the Community Room of
the Administration Office located at
910 Pine Ridge Circle
Everyone is invited to join Neighborhood
Watch.  If you are interested, please come to
the regularly scheduled meetings.  This also
counts toward your Community Service hours
each month.
Tips from the Inspector
By: Genna Price

When installing your window air
conditioner, please keep safety in mind.
There must be two means of egress from
each room, which means one window
and door must be accessible at all times.
The unit needs to be installed properly for
energy efficiency and safety as well.
Ensure all areas around the unit are
covered so no outside air or pest can
enter. There must be a block of wood on
the inside top of the window to secure the
window. The sides of the a/c unit must be
secure as well. If you place it in a window
over the porch, you must keep a
container under it to catch the water that
drips from the unit and keep it emptied on
a regular basis so the water does not run
or pool on the porch.

Housing community.  Please keep an eye out
for our children and help to keep them safe as
they play.
An Easy Way to Complete
8 Hours of Community
Service Each Month:
Second Wednesday of each month:
1 hours Coffee/Donuts/Neighborhoood Watch
10:00 a.m.
Every Tuesday & Thursday (9:00 a.m.-  11:00 a.
m.)Adult Group 2 hours
You may also attend the children’s events to
help the resident service staff and those hours
will also count. Always be sure to
sign in  and
make the staff aware that you are there to work
on your community service commitment. For
more information on any of these activities,
please contact Brittany at 423-543-3571 ext. 308.
During the month of March , no
had their lease terminated by
the Elizabethton Housing Agency due to
criminal activity.  
Some residents have contacted the
office receiving a notice of lease
termination for criminal activity.  EHDA
officials will be glad to discuss the
situation with the resident and
sometimes the EHDA finds that it should
not terminate the household’s lease for
criminal activity.  There are cases in
which the EHDA feels that it is correct in
termination the lease.  In such cases,
the resident has the right to a trial in
court with legal representation.
We have added an additional handicap parking
space at the office. The new space is right beside
the existing space in the employee parking lot.  
Please use these two spaces for handicap parking

Residents that register a cat or a dog
are required to provide
documentation from a veterinarian
that the animal has received its
shots.  These shots will expire and
new shots are required.  Please
remember to update your file and
provide the EHDA office with a copy
of the most recent shot records.
In the past, it was optional for a housing
agency to make their Public Housing Smoke
Free. Now, we are required to establish and
enforce a Smoke Free Housing Policy.

The new policy does not mean that you have to
quit smoking but it means that you cannot
smoke inside of the apartments; you can
smoke in allowable areas. You must smoke at
least twenty-five (25) feet away from the
apartments. We have places restricted areas in
which you cannot smoke at all, like
playgrounds, the garden, offices, and other
places the EHDA owns in addition to the
dwelling units.
Our policy was changed  
effective January 1, 2018.


Do not allow cats to run loose in
the community.  Even though
there is not a City Ordinance
regarding cats running at large,
the EHDA's policy on pets state
that when a pet is outside the
owner's unit, it shall be properly
restrained (leash) and under the
control of a responsible person.
The pet shall not be tied to any
fixed object anywhere on the
apartment complex.  This policy is
not just for dogs.
Remember to keep waste picked
up from the lawn.
Provide a copy of your pet's
annual shot records to the office.
If you see any stray animals in the
community, call the animal shelter
at 547-6359.  Their business
hours are Monday through Friday
12 noon to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday
11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Do not wait until the last of the month to
request assistance with your rent through any
of the local service agencies. These agencies
are funded at the beginning of the month with a
specific amount and their funds usually run low
toward the end of each month. The earlier in
the month that you request assistance, the
better chance the agency will have the funds to
help you.
The Carter County Schools Adult
Day and evening class times are
available at locations throughout
Carter County. For details on how to  
get started call: 547-8834 or
This project is funded under an
agreement with the Tennessee
Department of Labor and Workforce

Thank you to all of those that pay their rent on
time.  Here are just a few reminders:  Please
DO NOT place cash in the night drop box.  You
can leave personal checks, cashier checks or
money orders in the drop box.  You may also
use the drop box to drop off letters but please
put who it is for and your name on it.  Also,
include a contact number where you can be
reached.  Thank you.

This month's winner is:
Harry Flesher IV
Congratulations on being chosen as our
Excellent Housekeeping Award winner
this month.