Police Substation News
Elizabethton Housing & Development Agency
To report an anonymous tip on any criminal activity, call the tips hot-line at
423-542-7574.  For non-emergency situations, the Substation can be
reached at 423-543-3571 extension 314.  For emergencies only, call 911.
In participating with the Elizabethton Police Department, a police sub-station has
been developed within the public housing community.

One officer is assigned to the sub-station.  The officers conduct community checks
and patrols.  They participate with EHDA resident visits, meetings and projects.

Activities to name a few include Bicycle Safety, K-9 Demonstrations, Drug
Awareness Prevention, Self-Defense classes and Neighborhood Watch Programs.

Funding for the program is obtained by the EHDA.

The goal of the substation is to bring police and citizens together to prevent crime
and solve neighborhood problems.  This is being achieved through Community
Policing.  The philosophy of Community Policing places an emphasis on preventing
crime before it happens.  Community policing gives citizens more control over the
quality of life in their community.

By working together, police and residents will achieve a common goal of a safer
911 should be called
for ALL emergencies.  
If available, the
substation officers will
respond to these calls.

The phone number is
extension 314.

                                                       Jordan Ensor
                                     EHDA Sub-Station Officer
                                    Office Phone: 423-543-3571 Ext. 314

 Upcoming Memorial Day Travel Safety Tips

Memorial Day weekend is May 27th-29th this year and it can be a time for many friends
and family to gather and celebrate. Many people like to have cook outs at home and others
travel out of town to visit. During this holiday weekend I want everyone to be safe and
enjoy themselves. With that being said I want everyone to know that this is also a time
when people make mistakes and I want you to be prepared so that you don’t make the
same mistake. If you are planning to attend a cook out or simply gather with friends always
remember if you are going to enjoy alcoholic beverages that you need to plan ahead. You
should always have a friend or family member ready to drive if you are going to drink.
Other options include calling a cab to take you home or using new technology and having
an UBER driver pick you up. Uber rides and cabs usually cost around $15 to $20 if you are
traveling not too far away from home. This is very cheap compared to getting behind the
wheel intoxicated and being arrested for DUI. A DUI can cost you up to $10,000 along with
jail time and possibly putting your life or the life of an innocent motorist at risk. Also
remember not to text and drive. If a text message is important enough to read or send while
traveling, take a minute out of your travel time and stop on the side of the road if needed,
but do not use your phone for texts while driving. It is also a violation of state law to read a
text message the same as sending one. Your safety and the safety of everyone on the road
are more important than risking a life to check your phone. Law Enforcement will be
stepping up patrols for DUI enforcement and other traffic laws during this time so
remember that we are always watching for violations. We want everyone to enjoy their
holiday weekend and have safe travels.                  

-Cpl. Jordan Ensor/Community Police